1m x 18K Gold Filled 2mm Curb Link Chain #GFCTL011


1 metre ( 1.1 yards) x 18K Gold Filled 2mm Anchor Link Chain GFCTL011

18K Gold Filled

Each link measures 2mm width x 3mm length

Soldered for strength

Brass based

This sale is for 1 metre ( 1.1yards). It is cut to length.

Available in longer lengths. Come in continuous lengths if multiple metres are chosen.

Gold-filled Jewellery lasts longer than its counterparts, gold plated jewelry included.

When you purchase a gold-filled piece of jewelry, you are buying a substantial layer of gold that has been pressure bonded to a sterling silver or other metal bases. Due to the amount of gold used, these pieces maintain their value and are tarnish resistant.

Unlike gold plating, gold filled is far more resistant to tarnishing. It is a reliable material for use in jewellery as it is made up of two or three layers of solid gold, with minimum 5% in composition to the core metal.

With care your gold-filled jewelry can last anywhere between 10 to 20 years.

Does Gold Filled Copper Tarnish?

Gold filled copper consists of copper as the base metal, layered with gold fill. It behaves like the standard gold filled material. It may or may not tarnish. It all comes down to how you use it. Gold filled copper is tarnish resistant under usual conditions. To make it last longer, avoid direct contact with your everyday products such as sunscreens, hairspray or perfumes. Apply perfume and hairsprays before you put your gold filled copper jewelry on. Keep it clean and moisture free and it will last well up to 15 years.

How long does 18k gold fill last in water?

It can last well up to 10 years, also if it does tarnish you can bring back the shine by clean up from an over the counter detergent but for best results.

Can You Shower With Gold Filled Jewellery?

Most of the people claim that gold filled jewelry does not tarnish in water. But jewelry is delicate so be extra careful with it to make it last long. Water can be harsh to your gold filled jewelry at times. It may contain or rather usually contains chlorine which doesn’t react well with the gold fill. Pools and hot tubs are even worse. Obviously gold fill won’t immediately wear off but it is not a wise decision for the long run. So it is best to remove your gold filled jewelry before your go shower or swimming. You paid for it and you’ll want it to last longer. So to keep it in the best of its color and quality avoid constant exposure to anything that may be harmful to your gold filled jewelry!

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Amazing gold filled chain

This chain is incredibly high quality and I would definitely recommend this product for jewelry making.