Gobi Agate 4mm Polished Round Natural Gemstone Bead Strand


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Gobi Agate 4mm Stone Strand

Strand contains 99 x 4mm Stone beads

Natural Colour in polished finish

Strand Length 40 cm

This sale is for one strand

These are an entry level quality for Gobi Agate as the premium ones are very rare.

Gobi Agate stones are very rare and highly sought after in the crystal world. Known for their unique shape and color, Gobi Agates form naturally in the Gobi Desert and have not been color treated or polished.

Gobi agate has been since ancient times as a protective talisman that brings gentle energy into your life. More gentle than quartz, and more protective than jasper, it? a stone all its own, one that will bring you a wonderful sense of balance and clarity.