Heishi Blue Imperial Jasper Gemstone Strand


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Heishi Imperial Jasper Strand - Blue

Blue Colour Enhanced - Colour Fast

Imperial jasper is a rare, near gem quality variety of porcelain jasper found entirely in mexico. Known for it’s distinct rich colors and overlapping orbs and patterns, it is considered to be one of the more valuable jasper varieties, and has become partticularly popular in india. The stone is found in the side of a canyon wall, where it is mined, and it is believed that the vein could be up to a mile long!
Mined in mexico

Polished for a luxe feel.

Strand contains approx 96 x 4mm x 2mm Stone beads

Colour fast heat treated

Strand Length 37 cm

This sale is for one strand

Heishi is a word used to describe this style of bead. A small polished bead, often of shell, coral, or turquoise, especially a small flat disk that can be strung with others of uniform size to form a smooth cylindrical strand, used to make jewelry.

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Cristina Marangon
Great product

Great product, good quality & as described on website