Picture Jasper 10mm Polished Round Natural Gemstone Bead Strand


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10mm Picture Jasper Gemstone Strand

Polished for a luxe feel.

Strand contains approx 39 x 10mm Round Stone beads

Hole sizes 0.8mm

Strand Length 38 cm

This sale is for one strand

Picture Jasper is a gemstone that stimulates, balances and heals issues with the Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakra. It is especially supportive to those people with the Zodiac signs of Leo! Picture Jasper is a very nurturing stone that helps to calm, soothe and support you.

Picture Jasper is said to encourage feelings of dependability towards the planet, heartening a need to care for and keep it.

It is a gemstone that usually consists of a combination of petrified mud in pockets of earliest volcanic rock.

Customer Reviews

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Picture jasper

These are amazing …. Great colour … got them in 8mm as well!

Susan Innis

The picture jasper beads are beautiful. I love the variety of colours and patterns on each bead. I paired them with a baroque pearl I had been given and the end result is stunning.